Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday

Today, I drove by a hitchhiker in the road. I had a lot of good reasons not to pick him up. First of all, I'd be late for my appointment. Secondly, I feared for my safety. How could I be sure he wouldn't rob, beat or even kill me? I had a lot of good reasons to keep on driving.

Outside the New Bedford City Hall, a street person asked me for change. I had a lot of good reasons to not give him any. How did I know he wouldn't go spend it on booze and drugs? And, wouldn't I be enabling him to stay dependent on charity rather than lift himself out of poverty through hard work? So, I politely claimed to have no change and kept on walking.

Jesus had a lot of good reasons not to die for me. I am selfish, a liar and ungrateful. I've spent most of my life not paying attention to Him. He had a lot of good reasons to let the cup of suffering pass Him by. But, Jesus has never denied me when I needed Him. How can I now drive or walk past my neighbors when they need me?


At 12:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading all your comments and insights. I look forward to future inputs. When will your next one be?
Peace, Felice


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